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10PPM Diesel

ULSD is a D2 class diesel fuel material that results from a severe hydrofinishing process. This product is an Ultra-Low sulphur Diesel Fuel (ULSD) in line with EPA’s new mandate of less than 15 ppm sulphur content, while improving environmental conditions by reducing unwanted emissions into the atmosphere. Diesel D2 has a high Cetane Index of 51 improving fuel combustion, reducing white smoke on startup, and tending to reduce NOx and PM emissions.

ULSD D2 is mostly for use in engines whose load size and speed remain relatively consistent. This diesel fuel has a greater energy output, and a better fuel economy.

We trade ULSD 50 ppm, 200 PPM, Mix, EN-590/ 10 ppm, Europe Standard : Euro 4: 50 PPM, Euro 5: 1-5 ppm.